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Basket-Weave Pillow

Dress up any room with this graphic pillow made of woven ribbons.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2010




  • Grosgrain ribbon in two complementing colors

  • Iron-on double-sided adhesive (such as hem tape)

  • Iron

  • Scissors

  • Woven fabric

  • Temporary spray adhesive

  • Pins

  • Piping

  • Sewing machine

  • Coordinating thread

  • Pillow stuffing (cotton or polyester)

  • Hand-sewing needle


  1. Cut 18 strips of grosgrain ribbon: nine in each color. 

  2. Lay nine strips of one color side by side. Create a basket weave by weaving the other nine strips through perpendicularly, alternating over and under. Adjust the ribbon strips to create a chessboard effect.

  3. Cut 18 small pieces of iron-on adhesive strips and place them within the intersection of the ribbons. Iron to glue the ribbon strips to each other at the intersections.

  4. Turn the basket weave over, and repeat on the other side with 18 more adhesive strips.

  5. Cut away the excess ribbon to make a neat, square basket weave.

  6. Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the ribbon basket weave and lay fabric on a flat surface. Spray temporary adhesive on the back of the basket weave and lay over the fabric. Trim fabric to match the size of the basket weave.

  7. Starting from the middle of one side, pin and sew piping to the basket weave around all four sides. Trim the piping tape to match the edges of the basket weave; this completes the front of the pillow.

  8. Create another basket weave as in steps 1 to 6 for the other side of the pillow. With right sides facing and piping in between, sew the two basket weaves together, leaving a 4-inch opening on one side. Turn the pillow cover right-side-out through this opening.

  9. Stuff with filling, paying careful attention to the corners first; hand-sew the opening closed.

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