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Edge-Punched Card

Martha shows you how to make a lovely edge-punched card.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, January 2009


Follow this simple process to make beautiful stationery at home.


All tools and materials are from Martha Stewart Crafts. We used a number of the edge punches available, including the Scallop and Doily punches. We used card stock from the English Garden Craftstock pack; the center embossed paper was from the Tea Party paper pack and the inside decorative paper came from the Cafe paper pack.


  • Card stock

  • Embossed or lightweight decorative paper (to make "doily-edged" center layer of card)

  • Coordinating decorative paper for inside of card

  • Scissors or craft knife

  • Bone folder

  • Edge punches

  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut card stock and two pieces of decorative paper to 8 1/2-by-5 1/2 inches (if you are using letter-sized paper, you can achieve this by cutting the sheets in half width-wise).

  2. Score and fold each piece of cut paper in half width-wise to create 5 1/2-by-4 1/4-inch cards. Unfold.

  3. Trim one of the short edges of the card stock by 1/2 inch.

  4. Punch the trimmed edge of the card stock with an edge punch. Start in the center and move to each side, using the "edge guide" to align each punch with the last.

  5. Use an edge punch to punch along the short edge of one of the folded decorative papers, as you did for the card stock.

  6. To assemble the card, layer the card stock, then the punched decorative paper, then the regular decorative paper. Align the folds and make sure the punched edges are at the same end of the card. Place a piece of double-sided tape between each layer of paper, near the fold, to hold all three together.

  7. To make the punched-paper ribbon, cut a 1 1/2-inch strip from decorative paper. Starting in the middle, punch along each side of the strip as you did for the card edges. You can use this "ribbon" to present a stack of cards together as a gift -- simply wrap the strip around the stack and secure with double-sided tape.

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