We could wax on about the many virtues of this wonderfully malleable substance, but what we really want you to know is this: Wax is a breeze to work with and lends itself to a variety of fun projects. This time of year, use thin, rectangular sheets to create holiday themed decorations. Invite kids to help cut out wax shapes with cookie cutters. Then follow our simple steps to turn the figures into candles for cake toppers, or embellishments on tapers; they make charming tree ornaments, too. Here, we used sheets of beeswax (available online and at crafts stores), both smooth and textured, in multiple colors. Beeswax, which doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, is more pliable than other types of wax and has a high melting point, so candles made from it burn slowly and don't drip. When lighted they emit a sweet, honeylike scent. Read on to find a host of wax designs you can use in your home or give as gifts. We're confident they'll light up your holiday season.


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