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More Egg Dyeing Techniques

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2006

Melted Beeswax Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs
Jar lid
Stovetop (or other heat source)
Pencil (with eraser at one end)
Microwave or hot water (to remove wax)

1. Melt beeswax over low flame on stovetop or other heat source (Alison uses a jar lid to melt wax).

2. Using melted wax, make quick, short strokes with a stylus (a pin stuck in the eraser of a pencil).

3. Dye egg and let dry.

4. To remove wax, heat a towel in a microwave oven or immerse the towel in hot water. In a quick motion, wipe the towel over the wax. The heat will melt, removing wax.

5. For multiple colors, repeat Step No. 4.

Special thanks
Mitch Mondello and Alison Vanek

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