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Paper Vinyl Wallet

Stay organized in style! Make a charming wallet out of decorative paper and vinyl using this printable templates and a simple process.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2010


This idea comes from our contributor Kristy Clarke who appeared on the Martha Stewart Show to showcase her handmade wallets, craft kits, patterns, and supplies.


  • Medium-weight scrapbook paper

  • Craft knife

  • Pencil

  • Decorative paper

  • Scissors

  • Clear vinyl (medium weight)

  • Sewing machine with non-stick presser foot

  • Sewing machine needle for vinyl

  • Coordinating thread

  • Pen

  • Snap closure


  1. Print and cut wallet templates one and two from scrapbook paper. Trace templates onto decorative paper and cut out. (If desired, the pieces can be cut from different coordinating papers.) Mark the spot for the snap on the main wallet piece, as shown on the template.

  2. Fold a piece of vinyl over top of short, non-rounded side of main wallet piece. Keeping edge of paper right at fold, machine-sew a line across width of paper, 1/4 inch from fold.

  3. Cover pocket pieces 1, 2, and 3 with vinyl in the same way, this time folding the vinyl over the long edge of each piece of paper.

  4. Fold a piece of vinyl over a short side of the wallet closure tab piece. Machine-sew through vinyl, just off the edges of the paper, all around three sides (do not sew the fold).

  5. Along the bottom (non-fold) edges, line up the three pocket pieces on top of each other in numerical order (descending size). Trim vinyl on bottom edge through all pieces, leaving a little extra -- about 1/2 inch -- for sewing.

  6. With a pen, mark a stitching line down the center of the assembled pocket pieces, which will divide the pockets into two card-sized sections.

  7. On right (outside) side of main wallet piece, line up assembled pocket pieces to side edges, with fold of bottom pocket piece 1/4 inch below fold of main body piece. Sew along the stitching line you have marked, attaching pocket pieces onto wallet body. Sew just along the bottom edge of pockets, again securing pockets to main piece.

  8. Center the closure tab on the center pocket stitching, lining up the short folded edge with the top of the stitching. Secure the opposite end of the closure tab in place on the body by carefully stitching a square with an "X" in it.

  9. Lay wallet right side down, and fold up pockets to center, pressing firmly, to create a long pocket for bills. Machine-sew through the vinyl, just off the edges of the paper, all around sides and top rounded edge of wallet. Do not sew along pocket fold.

  10. Trim all excess vinyl. Attach snaps to body and closure tab.

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