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Happy Holidays Recycled

Martha Stewart Living, December Holiday 2003

Greetings that once came in the mail can hang throughout the house. Have your little elves snip designs out of old cards for festive ornaments and garlands so light they seem to float. And Santa will be thrilled to find a mantel with dangling paper icicles bearing treats.

It's fun to receive holiday cards from loved ones near and far, but it's a shame to toss them away come the new year. All those snowmen, snowflakes, and other symbols of the season deserve more hang time. With not much more than a pair of scissors, string, and glue, children can transform the cards of Christmas past into the decorations of Christmas present -- and create your family's own little recycling center. If you prefer vintage styles, you can find them at flea markets or on the Internet; many have playful designs from days gone by. Don't worry if parts of the paper are ragged; just use the good areas. So start hunting down those cards, then begin spreading the cheer.

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