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Q: I'm in the process of designing a multipurpose room that will contain a computer, a sewing area, and an office. For the walls, I'd like to use the bulletin-board material you use on your craft-room set. What is it called?
-- Barbara Tidball, Oakland, California

The bulletin boards on the walls of the craft room set are made out of Forbo Bulletin Board, from Forbo Industries. It's made from cork, limestone, and linoleum and binding agents, including oxidized linseed oil and rosin binders, which are found in pine trees. The board is backed with jute, which helps it adhere well to walls with the proper adhesive. It is self-healing, which means that when you stick a pin into the board and then pull it out, you won't see any mark. It is 1/4 inch thick and comes in 90-foot rolls that are either 48 or 72 inches wide. You can choose from 13 colors.

It's best to have a contractor install the Forbo board. Start with a smooth, dry wall. For a clean look, you can bevel or frame the edges. Be sure to dust your bulletin board often, and wipe it down with a damp cloth.

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