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11 Kids Crafts You Can Make With Things Around the House

Check out these clever ideas for using bits of paper, crayons, and all manner of ordinary crafts materials in fresh ways.

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When searching for project-worthy materials, don't overlook the obvious. Simple supplies such as paper, paint, tape, and glue can be used in new ways. You can even choose items from past projects -- leftover card stock, old stamps, or broken crayons -- that might languish in a desk drawer or craft bin otherwise. Using these odds and ends is not only economical, but also will keep your crafts area clutter-free! Check out these clever ideas for using bits of paper, crayons, and all manner of ordinary crafting materials in fresh ways.


Stickers from Scratch

We bet this idea will "stick" with your little ones. Choose from leftover wrapping paper or magazines; cut out your shapes with a pair of scissors or punch shapes using a craft punch. Once backed with glue and given time to dry, they can be stuck on notebooks, lunch bags, pictures -- anything they love.

Crazy Crayons

Crayons with more than one color? Why that's crazy! These are baked in miniature cake tins, resulting in large shaped blocks in a rainbow of colors.

See-Through Crayon Hearts

You know us by heart. For Valentine's Day (or any day when you're feeling the love) make these translucent crayon hearts. They're easy enough to make with waxed paper and a set of crayons, and they look oh-so pretty hanging in a sunlit window.

Decorated Pencils

School's in session, and a sharpened set of pencils is a must-have for any little student. Maybe they'll actually be motivated to do their homework?

Thumbtack Picture Frames

What to do with all of their little scribbled masterpieces? Here's a fun idea, and all you need is a colorful collection of pretty little pushpins, cardboard, glue, and binder clips, all of which can be found in your desk drawer.

Origami Puppets

Now that's what we call a menagerie! Paper napkins are used to create finger-held origami animals such as a bunnies, a dog, and a bear that can be made during a kid's party.

Sun Print Cards

These bright blue cards will wow your little ones. Gather flowers, leaves, or other natural collections, and lay them flat over light-sensitive paper in the sun for a few minutes... and presto-chango! The shadows are left behind in white illustrations. It works like magic.

Flower Pops

We're a sucker for a creative, cutesy valentine. These colorful paper hearts blossom as the petals of a new flower variety -- one with a sweet lollipop center.

Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

These tissue paper pom-poms give the kids a reason to celebrate! Make them by cutting strips from layers of tissue paper and then wrapping them around dowels. Match them to your kid's sports team colors, school spirit events, or to any holiday of the year!

Flower Clip Shoes

Put a little spring into your little one's step with pretty clips. We cut tissue or crepe paper into dahlias and used them to decorate other accessories too: hair barrettes, pins, etc.

Office Supplies Collectors Book

Your children are on everyday adventures, collecting odds and ends along the way. What to do with them all? Your office supplies can help. These envelope books are great for organizing stickers, stamps, coins, magazine clippings, and other little things.

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