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Flower Costumes: Rose Garden

Source: Martha Stewart Kids


Looking for a flower costume? Consider transforming your daughter into an entire rose garden this Halloween. 

To encourage hair-loom roses to bloom, Bryana, 7, sprinkled her head with hair glitter. Her updo, wrapped in a potted-plant fence, is ideal for tucking in silk roses. Wire keeps silk butterflies from flying away. More silk flowers grow on her shirt with the help of some hot glue.


  • Green leotard

  • Assorted silk flowers with leaves

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Miniature picket fence

  • Hair glitter spray

  • 12 artificial butterflies

  • Wire cutters

  • Black 24-gauge wire


  1. Hot-glue flowers and leaves to neckline of leotard.

  2. Pull hair into a high bun; arrange picket fence (cut off excess) and bobby-pin in place. Spray glitter onto hair, and use bobby pins to secure additional flowers and leaves.

  3. Remove original wires from butterflies. Cut lengths of wire from 8 to 12 inches; hot-glue to butterflies. Wrap wires around bobby pins, and affix to hair.

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