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Hanging Wallpaper: Gluing and Booking

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2000


First cut all strips of paper to size, leaving a 4-inch overhang on each end and making sure the pattern will align from strip to strip.


  1. A premixed "clear hang" glue is usually best, although other adhesives may work better with certain papers (ask your wallpaper dealer). Pour glue into a paint-roller tray: A roller applies glue more quickly and evenly than a brush, except on narrow strips or in corners, where an angle brush is helpful. Lay the first strip on a clean worktable, pattern-side down, so that any excess hangs over one end of the table. Make a pencil mark at the midpoint of the strip, and roll a thin layer of glue over half the strip. Let the glue cure, following package instructions.

  2. Strips are easier to manage if you "book," or fold, them. Book by lifting the bottom edge of the glued half to the midpoint of the strip.

  3. Tamp this edge down so the paper sticks to itself, but don't crease the fold. The pattern will now be facing up. Wipe off excess glue with a damp sponge (unless the paper is printed with water-soluble ink). Glue and book the other half of the strip. You then have about 15 minutes before the glue begins to dry, enough time to hang the strip.

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