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Ultrasuede Blanket

Source: The Martha Stewart Show


  • Ultrasuede Light (2 colors, 2 yards each)

  • Natural cotton "deluxe" batting (47 inches by 47 inches)

  • Darning needle

  • Japanese hole punch


    Color-coded round labels, 1/4 inch in diameter


  • Matte knife

  • Ruler

  • Cutting mat


  1. Cut two 56-by-56-inch squares of Ultrasuede Light in 2 complementing colors.

  2. Insert the 47-inch square of natural cotton "deluxe" batting evenly centered between the 2 layers of Ultrasuede.

  3. Lay the edges of both Ultrasuede layers together on top of a cutting matt.

  4. With a see-through ruler as your guide, use the matte knife to cut 4-inch-long strips of 3/8-inch wide fringes along all 4 edges of both Ultrasuede layers.

  5. Individually tie square knots at the origin of the cutting line with a strip of fringe from the top layer and its corresponding bottom strip.

  6. Mark the blanket with round labels 10 inches apart in an even grid. Then, punch a hole on each side of the dot.

  7. Cut a 3/8-inch strip of Ultrasuede and thread it through a large darning needle.

  8. Anchor the 3 layers of the blanket with square knots. Remove the round labels and trim the tails of the knots.

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