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Faux-Leather Box

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Collectors have long admired the look of antique boxes covered with the skin of snakes, alligators, ostriches, or stingrays, but an inexpensive alternative can be found by covering a box with faux-animal-skin paper.


  • Wooden box

  • Latex-infused faux-animal-skin paper

  • Mat knife

  • Chip brush

  • Bone folder

  • Glue, such as Yes paste

  • Measuring tape or ruler

  • Scissors

  • Paint (optional)


  1. If desired, paint the interior of the box. Allow to dry.

  2. Measure the sides of the box, all the way around, as well as the height. Using a mat knife, cut a long strip of paper to wrap around the sides and the bottom of the box. With a chip brush that's been trimmed down to make the bristles stiff, glue the paper onto the box. Take your time and make sure it's smooth and even; employ the bone folder, if necessary. Trim away any excess paper.

  3. Measure the top and lip of the box's lid and cut a piece of animal paper to those measurements, adding a little extra to be safe. Apply glue to the top of the lid, center the lid on the paper, and glue down. Snip a square of the paper at each of the four corners; fold up and glue the sides, trimming away any extra paper.

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