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Reliable Roses

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When choosing roses for your garden, take into account the hardiness of each variety along with its aesthetic appeal.

A bit of research can prevent the disappointment of losing beloved bushes due to the fragility or fussiness of the cultivar (cultivated variety).

Reliable Roses
Vigorous gallica with single pink flowers.

A hardy climber with single red flowers.

Double violet flowers on a rambler

A hybrid musk that bears clusters of small, single flowers with pink petals that fade to white near the centers.

'Carefree Wonder'
A very low-maintenance rose (almost never has to be pruned) with clusters of double cupped pink flowers.

A vigorous plant with single, deep-red blooms.

'Buff Beauty'
A hybrid musk with double buff-colored flowers.

'Jacques Cartier'
(Also known as 'Marchesa Boccella')
A pink Portland rose with quartered-rosette, double blooms.

'Madame Hardy'
A fragrant white damask with large double quartered-rosette blooms.

'Zephirine Drouhin'
A thornless plant with deep pink double flowers.

'La France'
The first hybrid tea rose, introduced in 1867.

'Queen Elizabeth'
A grandiflora with double pink blooms.

'Margaret Merril'
Floribunda with very pale pink flowers.

A 1991 David Austin rose introduction with yellow-apricot blooms.

'Graham Thomas'
Vigorous shrub rose with creamy yellow flowers, quartered-rosette to fully double.

(Also known as 'Korresia' or 'Friesia')
Fragrant, bright yellow flowers.

'Yves Piaget'
(Also known as 'Queen Adelaide')
Large dark pink blossoms that fade with age.

'Fragrant Cloud'
Hybrid tea rose with very strongly scented scarlet flowers.

Very fragrant mauve blooms.

'Jardins de Bagatelle'
Large, fragrant, cream-colored flowers flushed with yellow and pink.

Great Rose Resources
The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden is a wonderful resource if you are planning your own rose garden, since every single rose in the garden is of a publicly available cultivar. The New York Botanical Garden's website presents a detailed overview of major rose families and lists many of the approximately 250 varieties of roses you'll find at the gardens.


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