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Clip-Art Holiday Gift Cards

Why are these creatures smiling? They're holding on to a secret, and when the time comes, they'll open their arms wide to reveal it: a hidden holiday greeting.

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 20 2005


Kids can write their own messages inside these cheerful cards and hand them out to classmates and teachers, or punch a hole at the top and tie on ribbon or yarn to use as tags. Choose our gift-bearing bear or generous pooch -- or draw your own friendly character.


  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

  • Colored paper

  • Pen


  1. Download and print templates.

  2. Use a glue stick to back the blank side of the printout with a sheet of colored paper. Cut out along solid lines (don't forget to cut out the slit on the gift box).

  3. Write message on inside of card, then fold on center line.

  4. To close card, fold arms in along dotted lines, and tuck tab on hand into slit.

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