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Violet Posies

The simplest gifts are often the most appreciated. A handful of violets can translate into a charming expression of your sentiments on May Day or Mother's Day, around which time these delicate flowers reach full bloom. One way to exhibit their beauty is in a well-presented posy.

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


Remember, you needn't limit yourself to violets. Pansies and other spring flowers such as lily of the valley are also lovely.


  • Fresh-cut long-stem violets

  • Colored waxed paper

  • Cotton wool sheet roll

  • Silver ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Utility knife or scalloping scissors


  1. After measuring with a pencil and string, use scissors to cut a circle out of waxed paper. Cut straight into the center of the circle, and create a center hole (this is where you will insert the stems). Scallop the edge of the circle with a utility knife or scalloping scissors.

  2. Wrap the base of the bunch of violets in a wet sheet of cotton wool. Trim off any excess length of stems.

  3. Wrap a piece of waxed paper around the cotton-wrapped stems. Pin in place.

  4. Roll your scalloped waxed paper circle into a cone, and drop the violets in, pulling the stems partially through the center hole. Pin the cone in place, and tie shut with a silver ribbon.

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