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Dot Design Easter Eggs

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2010


Three overlapping dots stenciled onto eggs beget a batch of new hues. The design pays homage to CMYK printing, which combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and "key" black to yield a spectrum. 


  • Craft punch

  • Vinyl sheets, by C-Thru, from

  • Cotton swabs

  • Food coloring

  • Black dye,

  • Circle stickers


  1. Use a craft punch on vinyl and the shape's border becomes a stencil.

  2. Apply stencil to the egg, rubbing the inside edge for a good seal. Using a cotton swab, dab undiluted food coloring inside stencil; let dry before removing stencil.

  3. To create a dark egg, make red and blue dots first, and then smooth circle stickers onto the shell. After a dip in inky-black dye, the stickers are removed.

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