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Cotes du Rhone

Everyday Food, May 2005

If you're looking for an all-purpose wine to keep on hand, try this juicy red.

What Is It?
The wines labeled Cotes du Rhone are produced in the valley of the Rhone river -- an important wine-making region in France. They're made by blending grenache with other local grapes, including syrah and carignan.

What It Tastes Like
Although ranging from light to full-bodied, the Cotes du Rhone wines are typically fruity with a nice touch of spice.

What to Serve It With
Lighter-bodied styles go with salads, fish, and chicken; more robust styles call for richer, heartier dishes, such as casseroles and peppered steak. Chilled a bit, these wines are good summer reds.

What It Costs
Cotes du Rhone is a great value; you can get a good bottle for between $10 and $15.

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