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Arranging Roses for Valentine's Day

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008

When preparing roses for arranging, cut stems at a 45-degree angle underwater and remove the guard petals if they're blemished. To get the roses to open more quickly, fill the vase with warm water. To minimize bacterial growth, remove the foliage below the waterline. Don't forget to add some cut-flower food or a teaspoon of sugar.

To arrange a dozen roses, try placing four each into a dessert cup. For two dozen, a vase is just the trick. For three dozen, make small bundles of three or four roses and ferns using rubber bands. Arrange the flowers in the water-filled bowl and lay in ferns around the perimeter.

Martha's Flowers and Kmart
For more information about the Valentine pink rose bouquet, "Opium" roses, the pink ceramic vase in a handmade muslin box, and almond toffee from Sans Souci Gourmet Confections, visit For more information on the compote used in the roses segment, which is part of the Martha Stewart Everyday line, visit

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