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Scary Window Silhouettes

Instead of buying plastic pumpkins and inflatable skeletons, try this simple project.

Source: Martha Stewart


Window silhouettes take only a few minutes to complete. Select a Halloween image, such as a cat, a witch, or a jack-o'-lantern, photocopy it onto a sheet of transparent paper, and stick it to your windows to make your house appropriately spooky.


  • White letter-size paper

  • Transparency film, for plain-paper copiers

  • Photocopy machine

  • Double-sided transparent tape


  1. Select a design you wish to use, such as a cat, moon, witch, or jack-o'-lantern. Draw or copy design onto a piece of white letter-size paper. Make sure image is black and white, darkening with a black permanent marker, as needed.

  2. Insert transparency film into the letter-size paper tray of a photocopier. Make a photocopy of the design; the end result will be a black design on the transparent paper.

  3. To make the image adhere to the window, rub the transparent film on your head, creating static cling, or use double-sided tape. Shine a light behind the transparencies to create eerie shadows outside your windows.

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