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Tabletop Trees: Flower Tree

Martha Stewart Living, December 2001

According to the legend of the Christmas rose, a poor shepherdess named Madelon was tending her sheep on a hill near Bethlehem one snowy night when she saw the wise men bearing gifts on their way to visit the Christ child. Madelon wept, knowing that she could not afford a present for the new king. Just then an angel appeared and turned the girl's fallen tears into palepink roses. A joyous Madelon gathered the blooms and carried them to Bethlehem to give to the baby Jesus. Since that time, the Christmas rose (in fact not a rose at all but a hellebore) blooms each December as a reminder of this loving gift.

Our flower-themed tabletop tree is a bloom with Christmas roses and camellias, both of which bloom in winter, as well as true roses. Rendered in paper and satin and interspersed with paper cones and glass icicles, the blossoms are almost as delicate as their natural counterparts. Unlike real flowers, however, these will retain their charm for many a Christmas.

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