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Fancy Eggs

Photography: Sang An

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2001


  • Egg

  • Pin

  • Egg blower

  • Adhesive tape

  • Sharp scissors

  • Sharp cuticle scissors or Dremel drill

  • Emery board

  • Paint

  • Adhesive cement

  • Hinge

  • Decorating supplies


  1. If you don't order already-blown eggs from suppliers, you'll need to blow out your own: Make a pinhole in each end, puncturing the egg yolk in the process. Gently and firmly express the egg's contents by blowing with your mouth or an egg blower against the top hole. Rinse well with water, and let dry before cutting.

  2. To mark the eggshells, you will need adhesive tape and sharp scissors. Colored tape is easier to see; use it to mark and stabilize the area to be cut. For narrower strips, cut pieces of tape in half lengthwise. Eggs here are marked for the basket design and vertical and horizontal cuts.

  3. To halve an egg, you can use sharp cuticle scissors. More complicated cuts require using a Dremel drill, which takes a little know-how. Practice on a few blown eggs just to get a feel for the amount of pressure to apply and what angle works best for you. You will have to hold the egg in one hand while drilling with the other. Use the Dremel drill fitted with a diamond wheel, and wear goggles and a mask to protect against eggshell dust. After the cuts are made, gently remove the tape and file rough edges with an emery board. Shell pieces can be used as bases, so don't be too quick to throw away your mistakes.

  4. If you plan to paint the egg, do so before adding a hinge or any other decoration, and let the paint dry completely.

  5. To hinge the egg halves you will have to tape the egg back together to hold it in place while the adhesive cement used to attach the hinge dries. A hinge might be made of ribbon or of minute decorative hardware such as that used on dollhouse furniture.

  6. Let your fancy tell you what materials you might employ to decorate your eggs; we used gold leaf, gold-embossed paper (available from art supply or crafts stores), sewing braid, rickrack, ribbons, trim, beads, paper, and velvet flowers. 

  7. The gold trim is made from paper as well as cord and ribbon; an eggshell filled with embossed paper flowers honors the arrival of spring.

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