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Silk Scarf Pillows

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2005


Perfectly sized for throw pillows, the finds can be sewn to backings to make sturdy coverings. Look for the scarves at vintage clothing shops (or for new ones at department stores).



  1. Cut a piece of muslin 1/4 inch larger than scarf all around. Center scarf on it, right side up; pin, and stitch to muslin 1/8 inch from scarf edge.

  2. Make a back with an envelope-style closure (two flaps that overlap, for inserting pillow): Cut two pieces of fabric, each three-quarters as long as the muslin and the same width. Stitch a 1 1/2-inch hem on one end of each. With scarf right side up, lay one piece of fabric at each end of scarf, right sides down, hems pointing toward center. Pin, and stitch to scarf just inside previously created 1/8-inch seam.

  3. Turn, and press out corners with a knitting needle. Iron, and then slip pillow form inside.

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