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Button Ornaments

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 20 2005


The basic technique for all the ornaments is the same. 


  • Pipe cleaners

  • Buttons

  • Felt

  • Craft glue

  • Thread


  1. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist once at the top for a loop.

  2. Slide buttons over pipe cleaner ends, slipping one end into each hole (if the button has four holes, use two diagonal ones). Use larger buttons for bellies and hat brims.

  3. When finished, twist ends of pipe cleaner to secure, and trim.

  4. For reindeer legs and antlers and for Santa's arms, bend 2-inch pieces of pipe cleaner in half, slip on between buttons, and twist.

  5. Glue on felt for Santa's beard and the snowman's nose.

  6. To hang the reindeer, loop a thread around its middle and tie.

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