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Books and Short Stories by Sergei Dovlatov

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Novels Translated into English
"Nevidimaia Kniga" (Ardis; 1977); translated by Katherine O'Connor and Diana Burgin as "The Invisible Book" (Ardis; 1979)

"Zona. Zapiski Nadziratelia" (Ermitazh; 1982); translated by Frydman as "The Zone: A Prison Camp Guard's Story" (Knopf; 1985). "Zapovednik" ("The Sanctuary"; 1983)

"Marsh Odinokikh" (New England Publishing; 1983); translated by Roman Sonynn as "The March of the Lonely" (New England Publishing; 1983).

"Kompromiss" (Serebrianyivek; 1981); translated by Anne Frydman as "The Compromise" (Chatto & Windus; 1983, Knopf; 1983).

"Nashi" (Ardis; 1983); translated by Frydman as "Ours: A Russian Family Album" (Weidenfeld & Nicolson; 1989). "Nevidimaia Gazeta" ("The Invisible Newspaper")

"Inostranka" (Russica; 1986); translated by Antonina W. Bouis as "A Foreign Woman" (Grove Weidenfeld; 1991)

"Chemodan" (Ermitazh; 1986; Moskovskii Rabochii; 1991); translated by Bouis as "The Suitcase" (Grove Weidenfeld; 1991).

"Ne tol'ko Brodskii: Russkaia Kul'tura v Portretakh i Anekdotakh," with photographs by Marianna Volkova (Slovo, 1990); translated by Brian Baer as "Not Just Brodsky: Russian Culture in Portraits and Anecdotes" (Slovo, 1988).

Short Stories in the New Yorker
"The Jubilee Boy" (translated by Anne Frydman), June 9, 1980
"Somebody's Death" (translated by Katherine T. O'Connor and Diana L. Burgin), October 19, 1981
"Straight Ahead" (translated by Jack Dennison and Anne Frydman), January 25, 1982
"My First Cousin" (translated by Anne Frydman), December 5, 1983
"The Colonel Says I Love You" (translated by Anne Frydman), May 5, 1986
"Uncle Aron" (translated by Anne Frydman), October 20, 1986
"Uncle Leopold" (translated by Anne Frydman), July 13, 1987
"Father" (translated by Anne Frydman), November 30, 1987
"The Photo Album" (translated by Antonina W. Bouis), March 27, 1989
"Driving Gloves" (translated by Antonina W. Bouis), May 8, 1989

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