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Easter Bunny Box

 Simply pack this charming bunny box with cookies or candy for a one-of-a-kind Easter gift. 

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, March 2008


All tools and materials available at


  • Tape

  • 18-by-18-inch card stock

  • Craft knife

  • Pencil

  • Bone folder


  1. Download the bunny box template and enlarge 250 percent when printing, or print the template and enlarge 250 percent on a copier. Since the template is 18 inches by 18 inches when enlarged, you will have to print or copy the template in pieces, on a few sheets of paper, and tape it together. Once you have assembled the template, cut it out on the solid lines using a craft knife. Remember to also cut out the slots in the large tabs.

  2. Trace around the template on a piece of 18-by-18-inch card stock. For the template to fit on the page, the bunnies should be pointing to the corners of the card stock.

  3. Using a bone folder, score the card stock along the template's dotted lines.

  4. Cut out the shape you have traced on the card stock. Cut the slots in the large tabs as marked on the template.

  5. Fold upward at the center square; score lines to create the box. To close the box, bring the bunny tabs to meet in the center, and align the bunnies. Bring each slotted tab up and over the bunnies; slide both bunnies through each slot. It may be necessary to press the bunnies downward in order to easily fit them through the slot.

  6. Fill the bunny box with a sweet treat.

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