Create a nook that's truly their own with our child-size collector desk. Easy to make and fully customizable, this project adds to the bedroom's décor. 
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Kids are natural collectors, so what better way to put their proclivity for keeping things to good use than by making a craft that highlights some of their favorite things? This way the items they love won't end up hidden in drawers. Whether your child is a fan of collecting sports memorabilia or sentimental keepsakes from family vacations, this simple DIY is just the thing to add to their bedroom.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Choose an area in your child's room and set up a shelf or corner where they can hang artwork and put together exhibitions of special objects.

Step 2

Hang their favorite pictures and postcards on a whimsical adaptation of a clothesline; we used ribbon. Simply hang the ribbon and place clothespins holding their desired artwork on the ribbon. 

Step 3

Then show off small items of their choice in glass-fronted boxes. The content of the display can change along with their interests.

Step 4

Use a binder to organize souvenirs and other collectibles and place atop the desk. Arrange maps and brochures from family vacations in plastic page protectors.


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