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Source: The Martha Stewart Show, February 2010


Try making these patriotic pinwheels for a fun kids' craft.

Resources: All tools and materials available from Martha Stewart Crafts.


  • Decorative paper

  • Craft knife or scissors

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Pushpin

  • Stickers or tape

  • 1-inch circle of paper

  • Wine cork

  • Bamboo skewer


  1. Print template and place over a piece of decorative paper. Cut on solid lines. With a pushpin, pierce a small hole in center where marked (Note: If you would like to make a larger or smaller pinwheel, simply cut a square of paper any size. Draw an "X" from corner to corner on the back of the piece of paper. Pierce a hole in the center of the "X" with a pushpin. Mark 1 inch from the center of the "X" in each direction. Cut from the marks to the corners. At the 1/2-inch point from each corner, cut a 1/4-inch notch, as shown in the original template.)

  2. Fold each corner point into center, hooking notch into end of cut. Secure in place with a sticker or tape.

  3. Push a pushpin through hole in front of pinwheel, then through a 1-inch circle of paper, and finally into the end of a wine cork. On the bottom back side of the wine cork, insert a bamboo skewer at an angle.

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