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Apple Picture Frame


Use paper and an apple craft punch to create a frame for displaying school-day memories.


  • Apple craft punch

  • 1/4-inch double-sided adhesive foam dots

  • 0.5 millimeter fine-tip writing pen (sepia)

  • Double-sided tissue tape

  • Craft knife

  • 12-by-12-inch cutting mat

  • Wooden frame


  1. Remove the glass from the frame and apply double-sided tape around the outer edges and around the opening.

  2. Place a piece of brown paper with white dots face down on a cutting mat. Carefully lay the frame, adhesive side down, onto the paper and press. Use a craft knife to cut excess paper from outside and inside of the frame.

  3. Punch 2 apples from solid-red paper, 3 from red paper with white dots, and 5 from solid-green paper. Cut stems and leaves from all the red and red-dotted apples, and adhere these apples onto the green ones. Alternate solid and dotted apples evenly across the bottom of the frame, adhering dotted ones with foam dots.

  4. Write "is" and "for" on lined stickers from the multimedia pad. Use foam dots to adhere a red "A" sticker to the top left side of the frame, followed by the lined stickers.

  5. Replace glass and add photo.

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