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Summertime Scrapbooking with Jake and Brett

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Sometimes the smallest items can trigger the most vivid memories. Photos, ticket stubs, and tiny mementos can catalyze recollections of treasured trips, outings, or events. Of course, everyone stores keepsakes in his or her own way, but scrapbooks seem to have the popular edge. Today, Martha's young friends Jake and Brett explore some distinctive ways to preserve some of their favorite mementos in a family scrapbook.

It's a good idea to lay out your souvenirs before affixing them to pages in the book. Once you decide where each item will be placed, mark those spot with a pencil, keeping in mind that not every inch of the page needs to be covered.

There are a number of ways to attach the items to the page, such as gluing them on (a glue pen is particularly useful for scrapbooking projects), cutting shapes in the pages to act as frames, or using pre-cut pages (in the latter instances, the photos are affixed behind the cutout shapes).

If you cut your own "frames" in the page, make sure the cutout is smaller than the size of the photo. You can also attach an item with brads. Using a hammer and a punch, make a hole through both the object and the page. Insert the brad through both, and open the prongs. Snaps and eyelets are also well-suited to scrapbooks.

You can accent your page with items such as charm letters, which are also affixed with brads, or alphabet stickers, which serve as labels.

Special thanks to Jake and Brett. We found our scrapbooking supplies from Making Memories.

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