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Chocolate Chip Cookie 101

There are as many answers to what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie as there are people to eat them, but the variety of responses seem to fall into three basic categories: soft and chewy, thin and crispy, and cake-like (plus one extra recipe for a chocolate chip tart).

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There are many reasons why chocolate chip cookies are one of the most popular desserts/treats/dinners if you are lucky. The perfect chocolate chip cookie can conjur up feelings of nostalgia and pure unadulterated bliss! Chocolate chip cookies were probably the first things you learned how to dunk. Chocolate chip cookies were most likely your first contribution to a bake sale. Chocolate chip cookies were definitely the first dessert you actually felt so opinionated and authoratative about.



Of course there are times when you prefer one to the other. There are deciding factors, like how much milk do you have in the fridge. And of course, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who will turn down a cookie of a different make even if they are die-hard fans of a particular textrure. But, in general, people can be staunchly stubborn about how they prefer their cookies. Which side of the fence do you fall?


Below are recipes corresponding to each "favorite" type. If you want additional flavors mixed in, nuts, espresso or cocoa powders, shredded coconuts, dried fruits (such as cherries), ground and candied ginger, oatmeal, and smooth peanut butter are all suitable candidates. We've got a whole collection of all kinds of chocolate chip cookie recipes you can try. And be sure to watch Martha show you all about different modifications you can make. But right now, we are going to stick with the basics.



Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie
Thin and Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookie
Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie Tart (this one is not unlike those chocolate chip cookie cakes)


Need a video tutorial? 

Watch as Thomas Joseph explains the science between all the different cookies. Did you know what the two ingredients that determine the look and texture of the cookie are? If you guessed butter and sugar, you are correct. Can you guess which type of cookie has more butter? Okay, we're not going to give it all away. You will just have to watch the video and find out. Joseph also shares the one most common reason people wind up with tough cookies. You may be a tough cookie, but who wants to eat one! Right?


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