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Hospital Corners

The Martha Stewart Show, September September Summer/Fall 2007 2007

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom, and it is important to take special care to ensure yours is comfortable and made up beautifully. And remember: Always start with a good-quality mattress and box spring.

Hospital Corners How-To
1. Stand at the middle of one side and pull up edge of sheet a little more than a foot from the corner. Lift up edge to make diagonal fold, and lay fold back into mattress.

2. Tuck hanging edge under mattress with other hand. Drop folded portion and pull smooth.

3. Tuck hanging portion of sheet, or let it hang down.

4. Leave the sides of the bed untucked for easier sleeping -- this also makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Martha used a Charles H. Beckley mattress and Trousseau Bedding sheets from Macy's Martha Stewart Collection.

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