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Picking Out a Christmas Tree

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This year, bring the family together by picking out and cutting your own Christmas tree. 

The National Christmas Tree Association makes it possible to search by ZIP code for farms offering a cut-your-own experience. Many state growing associations also have websites with listings. Two things to remember to bring to the farm (or to ask whether they'll be provided) are a measuring tape and a handsaw. (Before you cut a tree, it pays to know it will fit in your living room!) As you browse, flag favorites with a bandanna so that it will be easier to comparison shop.

The first trees to get picked over tend to be the ones near the parking lot, so the farther reaches of a farm might offer a better selection. Leave a good stump on the tree you cut, and trim a half inch at home before putting it in water.

For more on how to pick out a Christmas tree, see our Christmas Tree Glossary.

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