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Biking Tips with Kurt

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Cycle Path Bikes, the largest professional bike shop on New York's east end, has been in business for more than three decades. As such, its staff is expert at educating both novice and veteran bikers about equipment, safety, and speed. Today, the shop's owner, Kurt Pfund, shares some basic guidelines to ensure an enjoyable ride.

When biking, always carry personal identification, a few dollars, and change for emergency phone calls. Dress for comfort and visibility in bright jerseys and biking shorts, wear protective eyewear and helmets at all times, and make sure to drink plenty of water in small sips. In addition, Kurt recommends that groups ride single file and that all bikers learn defensive-riding tactics. To get the most out of your ride, use the full range of pedal strokes, and for a better aerobic workout, maintain high revolutions per minute. For long climbs and hills, alternative between spinning and sitting in low gear and standing on pedals to push a higher gear. Kurt also stresses that you should always use a lower gear than you need and use both the front and back brakes. Finally, he concludes, when descending a hill, be sure that your body posture shifts your weight to the rear of the bike.

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