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Giving Tree

Is it an ornament? A place setting? A take on the English Christmas cracker? This clip-art tree, filled with candy, is all of the above. So plant several around the holiday table this year. After eating the sweets inside, each guest can take one of the paper trees home and hang it on the real thing.

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2007


  • Heavyweight matte paper

  • Craft glue

  • Mat board

  • Straight edge

  • Craft knife

  • Silver embroidery floss

  • Wooden spool

  • Light blue paint

  • 1-inch craft punch

  • 1/2-inch craft punch

  • Silver card stock

  • Candy


  1. Download templates and print onto heavyweight matte paper; cut out. Brush craft glue onto blank area of tree template. Roll template into a cone shape; let glue dry.

  2. Using tree-bottom template as a guide, cut a piece of mat board to match. Using a straight-edge and a craft knife, score a line across mat board. Score the same line using a bone folder.

  3. Cut 3 feet of silver embroidery floss; double up the strand. Brush glue onto scored line of mat board; center floss on top, and let dry. Glue tree-bottom template to mat board, sandwiching floss.

  4. Coat a wooden spool with light blue paint; let dry. Using a 1-inch craft punch, cut five circles from a sheet of silver card stock. Glue circles together in a stack. Glue one end of spool to tree bottom and other to silver stack.

  5. Thread ends of floss through treetop, and knot as shown. Using a 1/2-inch craft punch, cut two circles from silver card stock; glue along edges, with floss in between, leaving enough space so circles can slide along floss.

  6. Fill tree with candy. Gently pull floss taut until tree bottom fits snugly; slide circles down to secure top.

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