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Printed T-Shirts and Sarongs with Sea Stars and Sea Horses

Source: Martha Stewart Living, June 2009


These motifs (including starfish, more correctly known as sea stars) are charming on kids' beachwear, and the process is easy enough for small helpers. Transforming thin cotton fabric into a sarong is a breeze, and the tone-on-tone combination is subtle and sophisticated.

You can use this technique on clothing such as shirts, and sarongs. Print with rubber forms or beach finds (such as shells). Remember to mix paints to find a shade that suits the fabric.

Tips: Test on scrap fabric. For a sarong, cut fabric to size (ours was 44 by 66 inches). Finish with a rolled hem: Turn edge over, and secure with tiny stitches. Wash objects with warm water and dishwashing liquid after printing.


  • Rubber forms, shells or sea stars

  • Sponge brush

  • Fabric paint


  1. Cover your work surface with a few layers of old towels (for shells and sea stars) or with paper (for forms).

  2. Brush fabric paint onto part or all of 1 object using a sponge brush.

  3. Print shells and sea stars: Lay fabric flat; press object as if it were a rubber stamp. (Towels allow for some give, yielding a detailed impression.)

  4. Print forms: Lay fabric on form; press with fingers. Remove fabric. 

  5. Let set according to paint manufacturers instructions.

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