With the holidays come office parties, family gatherings, and festive nights out -- perfect opportunities to show off your polished nails.

Deborah Lippmann, creator of the Lippmann Collection nail products, shares some of her top tips for the season.

What's In: Green, Dark, and Shiny

This year, give your look some edge with these trendy colors and shades.

Green: Green polish is in this season, although not all women can pull it off. For greenish hues that are less in your face, try the Lippmann colors Wicked Game or Don't Tell Mama, available at

Dark: A dark nail is the new sheer pink, and it's become much more acceptable in the workplace. Be sure to keep all your nails the same length and shape -- and wear it with confidence!

Shiny: Shimmery, metallic colors are all over the place. You may not be able to get a metallic shoe from your favorite designer this season, but you can paint your toes and get a little closer to that look.

Going Glittery

Glitter polish is wonderful for layering over other shades to create a fun, distinctive look. It's also hardier than regular polish, so it won't chip as easily. For a glitter polish that works with just about every color, try Lippmann's Happy Birthday lacquer, which the company created this year for its 10th anniversary.

Removing polish with glitter can be tricky. Try using a piece of felt soaked with polish remover -- the texture of the felt will grab the glitter and remove it.

Protecting Your Nails

'Tis the season for wrapping gifts, doing dishes, and other potential nail-breaking activities. Here's how to make your beautiful nails last:

  • Wait two minutes between each coat to let the solvents in the polish evaporate properly. Your manicure will last a couple of days longer.
  • After each layer of polish, wipe the brush on the edge of your nail, which is the portion most susceptible to chipping.
  • Add a top coat every second or third day. If you are going to be doing a lot of dishes, be sure to add a coat the day before and use kitchen gloves.


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