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Office Supply Crafts: Collector Book

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 5 2002


The business of being a child surely involves being creative, efficient, and productive -- in your own way, of course. Office supplies can help. These envelope books are great for organizing stickers, stamps, coins, and magazine clippings.


  • Same-size envelopes

  • Stickers

  • Hole punch

  • Keychain or loose-leaf ring

  • Rubber stamps

  • Vinyl lettering

  • Labels

  • Photo corners


  1. Stack a few envelopes of the same size, reinforce corners with a sticker, then punch a hole in each, and insert a keychain or loose-leaf ring.

  2. Choose unusual envelopes, such as compact-disc envelopes with windows, small coin envelopes, or airmail envelopes, and dress them up with rubber stamps, vinyl lettering, labels, or photo corners.

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