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Essential Kitchen Tools

The Martha Stewart Show, Episode 3048

These are just a few of the many gadgets from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's that make cooking easier and help protect against holiday disasters.

Roasting/Baking Cheesecloth
Designed for roasting and baking, you can make a handy cheesecloth pouch for an easy way to remove stuffing.

Twine with Dispenser
This dispenser keeps the twine, which you can use to truss and tie turkey legs, organized and at your finger tips.

Silicone Basting Brush
With this easy-to-clean basting brush, there will be no more stray bristles.

Baster with Cleaner
This baster has a silicon bulb and comes with its own cleaning brush.

Meat Thermometer
This thermometer has a large, easy-to-read face and comes with a chart that lists the FDA's Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point temperature for meat.

Turkey Lifters
These handy lifters support the turkey as you remove it from the pan.

Fat Separator
This fat separator has a strainer to remove bits from gravy, and makes it easy to measure and pour liquid without fat.

Stainless Steel Roasting Pan with Rack
Our stainless steel roasting pan with removable rack lets you cook a perfect bird and make delicious gravy.

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