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Granny Squares: A Few Good Squares

Martha Stewart Living, November 2000

1. Soft angora worked with a US C2 (2.75 mm) hook; works well for a scarf.

2. Double knitting cotton yarn, US C2 (2.75 mm) hook; try for baby blocks.

3. Crochet cotton yarn, steel hook size 10 (1.3 mm), for a pot holder.

4. Cashmere squares bordered by variegated pearl cotton yarn, for a windowpane scarf. Square, US D3 (3.25 mm) hook; border, US B1 (2.25 mm).

5. Cotton tatting thread, pearl cotton yarn, size-9 (1.4 mm) hook; nice for a pincushion.

6. Thin cotton crochet yarn, cotton tatting thread, size-12 (1 mm) hook; use for bookmarks.

7. Mohair and wool yarn square, US D3 (3.25 mm) hook, and

8. traditional granny square of double knitting cotton yarn, felted merino wool, G6 (4.25 mm) hook, make good blankets.

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