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The Perfect Package

Martha Stewart Living, December 1995

Once you master the basics, wrapping a package is really quite simple; the secret is in its neatly folded ends. Before you cut the paper, wrap it around the gift. The paper should be wide enough to overlap slightly when wrapped around the box; at the ends, the paper should be trimmed so that when folded over the sides of the box, it reaches a bit more than halfway down.



1. Place the box or gift upside down on the wrapping paper so the seam will end up on the bottom.


2. Bring the paper around the box, and pull taut; the two sides of the paper should overlap slightly. Fold under a bit of the edge of the top layer. Secure with a small piece of tape.


 3. Fold in the sides, creasing around the box's edges. Sharply crease the diagonal edges formed on the top and bottom flaps.


4. Fold down the top flap, creasing around the top edge; bring up the bottom flap, creasing around the bottom edge.


5. Fold under a small bit of the bottom flap. This will give the end a smooth line. Repeat on other end of package.


6. Seal ends with tape.

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