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Martha's Favorite Cake-Baking Tools

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2010

How do professional cake bakers produce such wondrous creations -- and make it look easy in the process? Part of their secret is having all the right tools at their disposal.

Martha recommends keeping these essential tools handy to help you bake impressive cakes with less effort.

Cake Pans
Cake pans come in various sizes, but layer cakes are often 8 or 9 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep. Look for light-colored metal pans with straight sides.

Bundt Pan
A beautiful Bundt cake is simple to make with its namesake pan, a must for any baker. For best results, look for nonstick aluminum, which is durable and easy to use.

Long Serrated Knife
Also known as bread knives, long serrated knives make it easy to cut and serve your cake. They're also useful for leveling the tops of cakes.

Cardboard Rounds
Cardboard cake rounds are important for transferring cakes, and they can be purchased in various sizes at culinary supply stores.

Rotating Cake Stand
A rotating cake stand, or lazy Susan, makes it simple to frost and decorate cakes. The revolving platform allows for easy access to all sides of the cake so frosting can be evenly distributed.

Parchment Paper
For neat and easy clean-up, place parchment strips on the cake stand before frosting. Look for bleached white or natural parchment.

Rubber Spatula
A staple in most kitchens, rubber spatulas are perfect for transferring frosting to your cake in large amounts.

Offset Spatulas
An offset spatula is a long, narrow tool that has a thin metal blade or paddle at one end. Large offset spatulas are invaluable for frosting cakes, and the angled design allows them to double as everyday spatulas. Small offset spatulas are better for covering hard-to-reach spots, as they offer more control.

Metal Bench Scraper
Metal bench scrapers are handy for smoothing the frosting on the sides of a cake.

Cooling Rack
Wire racks allow air to circulate around baked goods while cooling. Avoid plastic racks -- instead, look for stainless-steel mesh and feet.

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