buttermilk waffles
Credit: Reed Davis

A lazy weekend breakfast with the family deserves to be celebrated. So instead of pouring another bowl of cereal, treat everyone to a batch of crisp homemade buttermilk waffles for a delicious change of pace.

They're as easy to make as pancakes (once you snag a waffle iron) and are the perfect base for swift, sweet toppings like maple-walnut sauce or berries and cream. The first bite will bring out the kid in everyone.

Like pancakes, waffles require a gentle hand when preparing the batter. For the most tender results, don't overmix it -- there should still be some lumps remaining.

Four Favorite Waffle Toppings

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Martha Stewart Member
December 30, 2008
It's been years since I'd made waffles from scratch. My husband, kids, our grandkids and I really enjoyed them with fresh fruit, chopped walnuts and whipped cream. I'm keeping this recipe and will be making it again and again. Delicious! Great recipe.