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Glittered Fall Cards

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008


Use a quilting stencil to create these glittered cards with beautiful gradations of color.


  • Glitter

  • Artist's felt-tip glue pen

  • Quilting stencils

  • Blank cards in assorted sizes and colors


  1. Prepare your design by tracing the quilting stencil onto a plain piece of paper with a pencil. Decide on the colors of glitter you would like to use for each part of the design, and mark the colors on the paper, if necessary.

  2. Lay the quilting stencil on a blank card. Draw along the stencil lines with a glue pen where you would like one of your chosen colors to go.

  3. Lift stencil and shake on a single color of glitter to cover the lines. Shake off excess.

  4. Align stencil with lines you have already glittered and trace the lines for a second color with your glue pen. Repeat tracing and glittering until complete.

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