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Pumpkin- and Turkey-Decorated Cookies

Follow these instructions to decorate festive jack-o'-lantern and turkey cookies that you can serve at a Halloween party or hand out at work or school.

Pumpkin Cookie How-To

"Carve" this jack-o'-lantern face out of a pumpkin cookie before you bake it. Using a sharp knife, score a very faint outline of your design on the front of a thoroughly chilled cookie. Carefully cut out shapes with the knife. When cutting out eyes, leave a half-circle of dough on the right side of each eye for eyeballs. Follow baking directions according to the recipe. Once cooled, arrange baked cookies on a greased cookie sheet or Silpat baking mat. Heat one cup of chopped, transparent orange hard candies in a microwave-safe, spouted measuring cup on high for about two minutes, or until candy melts into a liquid. Remove melted candy from the microwave and pour it immediately into cut-out shapes inside cookies. Use extreme caution when pouring hot candy. Allow the candy to cool. Outline and fill the cookie with thin, orange icing. Allow the icing to dry. Pipe an outline around the outside edge of the cookie with thick, yellow icing. Pipe icing into the center of each eyeball without moving the tip until icing bulges into a large ball shape, then pipe around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Turkey Cookie How-To

To make this classic cookie, outline and flood it with thin, orange icing. Allow it to dry completely. Using thicker, white icing, pipe around the edge of the cookie and add details including feathers, wings, an eye, and a chest feathers. Flock the icing with sanding sugar while wet. Once dry, tap off excess sanding sugar and add yellow dots to the tail feathers with thick icing.

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