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Wrapped Ball Jar Floral Arrangement

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2008


  • Silk taffeta

  • Pinking shears

  • 1/4-inch Steam-A-Seam hem tape

  • Iron

  • Ball jar

  • Rubber band

  • Water

  • Floral food

  • Flowers

  • Evergreen clippings


  1. Cut an 18-by-18-inch square of silk taffeta with pinking shears.

  2. Iron strips of Steam-A-Seam along all four edges. Remove paper backing from the Steam-A-Seam and fold the edge over a 1/4 inch, creating a hem. Press the hem to secure.

  3. Place the jar upside down and evenly drape the square over it. Draw a rubber band down to the neck of the jar.

  4. Evenly space fabric that is gathered around the neck of the jar, and tuck the four points of the square back under the rubber band.

  5. Flip the jar right side up and fill with water and floral food. Arrange flowers with evergreen clippings to make a festive holiday arrangement.

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