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Fine-Linen Wall

The sharp bristles of a horsehair flogger, drawn through a tinted glaze, creates the illusion of fine linen.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, May 2009


We Used
Base Coat:
Benjamin Moore 2138-30 Mohegan Sage
Glaze Tint: Benjamin Moore HC-89 Northampton Putty

Other Colors to Try
Base Coat: Benjamin Moore 521 Nantucket Breeze
Glaze Tint: Benjamin Moore 515 Baby Turtle



  • 9-inch paint roller

  • Horsehair flogger

  • Glaze Tint: Benjamin Moore HC-89 Northampton Putty


  1. Using a 9-inch paint roller with a 1/4-inch nap, paint the surface in desired color using latex paint. Let dry thoroughly.

  2. Mix 1 part latex paint (pearl finish or satin finish) with 1 part latex or acrylic glazing liquid and 2 parts water. (If using oil paint, mix 1 part oil paint with 1 part oil glazing liquid and 1 part mineral spirits.) Proceed with any of the patterns, applying the tinted glaze over the dried base coat.

    Tip: Smooth irregularities as you work (they can catch the glaze and obscure its effect).

  3. Paint the Fine Linen
    Use a 3-inch- wide horsehair flogger.

  4. Apply a second coat of tinted glaze, dragging brush in a perpendicular direction.

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