Look No. 1: Pink Silk Robe and Gown

-This silk gown with embroidered flowers is from Malizia by La Perla, one of La Perla's lower-priced collections.

-Sexy but comfortable.

-It's not overly revealing, but it does have a side slit that adds a sexy detail.

-It has a simple neckline.

-A classic robe with matching embroidery.

-The robe is perfect year-round for everyday wear, not just for over the gown.

Look No. 2: Racerback Bra and Culotte

-Leavers lace with a butterfly pattern.

-It has a butterfly embellishment on strap and culotte.

-Racerback bra is great under a tank; it assures the wearer the straps won't show.

-It's great for a girl who wants to reveal her shoulders for a sexy look.

-This is a unique shape for a bra.

-Another beautiful detail: The back of the culotte is made of lace.

Look No. 3: Chemise and Robe

-The chemise and robe are 100 percent modal, which is an extremely soft and stretchy jersey material.

-Joelle is the sleepwear collection by La Perla, perfect for everyday sexiness with lots of attention to detail and elegance.

-Has a beautiful rouching detail, including double-strap detail at the shoulders, and a flower applique.

-The bottom of the chemise flares at the hem.

-Perfect for everyday comfort and sophistication.

Look No. 4: Rapture Push-Up, Thong, and Robe

-The push-up has hand-sewn embroidery details.

-This bra is perfect for someone who wants a full look.

-It's great for someone who wants to wear a low-cut top over it.

-The matching bottom also has the embroidery detail.

-The robe is soft and luxurious with an uplifting color.

Look No. 5: Triangle, Garter, Brazilian Bottom, Robe, and Flower Brooch

-This is for the girl who is trying to achieve high drama and make a statement.

-Super sexy with lace and garters in purple and black -- a flattering color combination.

-The flower brooch is an option, but it is removable.

-If this is too risque, you can wear the bra, garter, etc., under a dress.



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