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Boat Place Card

Paper boats mark each place at a special table just for kids. With some assistance, kids can assemble the boats and write the names on the name-tag sails.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, November 1999


  • 5-by-7-inch piece of construction paper

  • Toothpick

  • White paper


  1. Fold a 5-by-7-inch piece of construction paper in half along its width, with the folded edge away from you.

  2. Mark the middle of the folded edge. Fold the two top corners in so they meet at the middle and form a triangle with a double-layer flap at its base.

  3. Fold the front flap up to the front; fold the back flap up to the back.

  4. Take hold of the center front and back of the triangle, and pull apart, pushing in the opposite corners so they lie flat against each other to create a diamond shape.

  5. Fold the front and back bottom corners of the diamond up the front and the back, respectively, to meet at the top corner. You should now have an open-bottomed triangle.

  6. Pull the triangle open, flattening the opposite sides against each other as in step 4.

  7. Pull the top layer out on both sides to form the hull of the boat.

  8. For a mast, weave a toothpick through a white paper name-tag sail; insert in the center of the boat.

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