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Orchid Arrangement

This beautiful arrangement is simple to make but looks like it came from the finest florist.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2006


  • 3 orchid plants of the same type (Martha used phalaenopsis orchids)

  • Decorative container

  • Orchid bark

  • Clump moss

  • Mini pinecones

  • Bow

  • Cellophane


  1. Choose three plants of the same type of orchid for your arrangement.

  2. Pick out a container that suits your orchids, and fill it with orchid bark.

  3. Remove orchids from their plastic containers and creatively arrange them in the new container.

  4. Decorate the arrangement with clump moss and mini pinecones.

  5. Tie bow around container and wrap with cellophane to protect from cold.

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