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Crepe Paper Basics

Martha Stewart Living, October 2009

Versatile and inexpensive, crepe paper is the secret to these projects. With finessing, it becomes a ruffled plume, stiff whiskers, or a toothy grin. We used two types of crepe paper: florist crepe paper for thick pop-out elements, and fine crepe paper for everything else. 

Cutting Cleanly
When cutting crepe paper, use scissors instead of a craft knife. Pay attention to the grain of the paper; our templates indicate in which direction the grain should run. Stretch and shape the piece as needed by gently pulling against the grain.

Gluing Cutouts
In most cases, a glue stick works well for adhering crepe-paper embellishments. But when a firmer hold is needed -- say, when attaching whiskers to a mask -- use a hot-glue gun.

Adding Thickness
To give crepe paper a little extra heft, make a double layer, using a glue stick to join 2 pieces. For even more strength, glue crepe paper to card stock in the same color.

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